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(Lead Vocals, Guitar)

Immediately after graduating high school, Geoff Gibbons was on the road with his first band playing bars and clubs in Western Canada.  No time to think; no other impulses – music was the call.  Since age five, Geoff has been transfixed by “the song”…It seems no surprise that this is the road he would follow.

 Hailing from Vancouver British Columbia, singer/songwriter Geoff Gibbons started performing music early in life singing with an acclaimed boys choir, where he became a soloist, touring and recording in Canada and Europe. At age twelve Geoff discovered the guitar and there was no turning back.  He fell heavily for the music of the era influenced by artists like Neil Young, Cat Stevens, Eagles, and The Allman Brothers. It was this music that led him to his first gig playing solo at a local bar…After many years in music, those artists have remained guideposts along Geoff's musical path.

In his early 20’s, after a year of performing on Australia’s Gold Coast, Geoff released two albums with the Canadian folk/rock duo Silverlode.  The group achieved national success on radio and television, and shared stages with top artists of the era. As a solo artist Geoff has gone on to release five albums which have garnered international accolades, radio traction, and extensive video play on CMT and Much More Music.  Along with a number of credits on film and TV – with studios such as Lions Gate Films – Geoff has been part of an extensive list of musical projects as a writer, singer, player, and producer.

 Geoff’s advice to anyone who wants to succeed in music and in life is to “love what you do, and do it everyday” – and with New Yank Yorkies it looks like he has found the group that is doing just that.

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