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(Drums, Percussion, Vocals)

Pat Steward, the self proclaimed “Funniest Member and Best Drummer in the Band”, was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in the midst of Beatlemania.


During his childhood years, his family moved to California - the place where Pat would pick up the drums sticks and meet all kinds of people who had one thing in common – music. He played along to Led Zeppelin and other 70’s rock tracks on drums, pots, pans or whatever else was around that he could practice on.


In Pat’s late teenage years he moved back to Canada and began a heavy cycle of musical intake. Whether it was the high school jazz band programs or community music programs – it didn’t matter - if there was a drum kit around there was a good chance Pat would be on it. He played in multiple bands at community centres or at the local legion and by the time Pat hit college he was thinking that the 9-5 job lifestyle was not in the cards for him. He moved into a house with his newly formed rock bands - Rubber Biscuit and got right to playing regularly, leading him to a chance encounter with Bryan Adams, who was looking for a drummer for his band.


Like any opportunity that came his way, Pat agreed to head into the studio with Adams to record a few songs on his 1984 “Reckless” album, which included “Summer of ’69". The album hit the charts; becoming the first album in Canada to sell more than a million copies, and 12 million worldwide, catapulting Pat's career from playing clubs and legions to touring with Canada's top Rock group playing to 10's of thousands of people. Establishing Pat as a distinguished musician, he would go on to play with various other  Canadian Rock artists including Colin James, Matthew Good, Barney Bentall, Jann Arden and many more.


While balancing his career between the stage and the studio, Pat remains a member of his long time band The Odds and continues to feed his passion for new music and the wonder of the unknown which has led him to becoming a founding member of the New Yank Yorkies. "Just getting together to play music with each other brings something fun and unknown to the table," Pat says, "it’s been a long road to this point, but in a lot of ways, I'm just getting warmed up."

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