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(Bass, Vocals)

If playing bass guitar professionally has taught Rob Becker anything, it’s that consistency is key. Whether it’s thrashing to a hard rock track or the laid back swing of a country record - the bass guitar is always there, forming the bedrock of the song.


Born and raised in Nanaimo, BC, Rob's musical influences range from the sweet sounds of Country music which his parents played, to  the more contemporary sounds from The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and The Doors which his sister introduced him to. In 1974 he attended his first Rod Stewart and The Faces concert and knew right there and then that he wanted to be a full time musician. He picked up the bass guitar and began carving out his path as a professional musician.

In the 1990’s Rob began touring with Warner Music's Country sweetheart, Patricia Conroy – an act that would put Rob on the map as one of Canada's top musicians and introduce him to fellow New Yank Yorkies member, Jay Buettner. Throughout the fifteen years with Conroy, Rob toured Europe and North America and saw him on two Canadian Forces tours to Bosnia and the Middle East.  


After a long run with Conroy, Rob went on to play on the stage and in the studio for acts such as Barney Bentall, Jim Byrnes, Ridley Bent, Australian rock group Thunderbird, the Celtic dance/fiddle group the StepCrew and now the New Yank Yorkies.


Bringing subtle melodies and a solid foundation for the band as their bass player, Rob is committed to delivering an organic sound to the group that everyone contributes to. For Rob, having a career working behind the scenes has given him a clear vision on how to construct not just a sound, but a feeling.

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